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Why are some features not implemented in version 1.8.2 ? A lot of questions and requests were simply ignored, they do not make sense to describe, look unanswered questions, people do not want to pay for what is implemented on other platforms for free,you are going to change something ? Or will this platform really bend? Ready to pay, but for the quality.You can delete my question, but it's true.
Q2A version: 1.8.0
"people do not want to pay for what is implemented on other platforms for free" => If you consider other platforms provide more features, also for free, then why are you using Q2A?

Also I have to agree with @arjunsuresh. If you are really "ready to pay, for the quality" then go ahead and get the "quality" you need.

"Fewer and fewer people are using your platform" => Where exactly are you getting this information? Please, provide your source. At least in my case, I can confirm I've never received as many requests for paid Q2A work as now. So maybe it is just the opposite but I'll wait to see what source you provide

PS: one of your answers was hidden because it used slang language. We can discuss if it is appropriate to demand so euphorically new features but we won't discuss if it is appropriate to use slang language here
Can you give an example of the best platforms?Here, learn http://wenda.wecenter.com)
if you are ready to pay, write down what features you want. I will give you a price for it.
@Niko, if you are happy with other platform then you can use that. If you want additional features in q2a then use services. https://docs.question2answer.org/services/

New features are implemented in every q2a version. You can request for features, those may be considered for upcoming releases.

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