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this is my small contribution to this community. I made my first Q2A plugin that will do one simple job: clear FB share cache after new question is posted.


Just a simple plugin that will clear FB share cache automatically after new question is posted. By default you must clear FB share cache manualy here after new qustions is posted. If you don't do that and someone want to share question immediately, it will not pull right meta content. So, this plugin will prevent that situation by sending POST request to Facebook graph to scrape data.

I am not experienced PHP developer, I am front-end designer! So, my code is probably very bad, but it's working. Feel free to make it better, send suggestions :)

Github: https://github.com/stefanmm/qa-clear-fb-share-cache

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Thats great! Keep up good work! you can look into other plugins and write more. Here are 300+ q2a plugins.


As you are a front-end designer, may be you can help to come up with nice theme for q2a :)