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How to make links (which were added through the WYSIWYG editor) in answers open in a new window / tab in the browser?

I tried turning on the "Open entered links in a new window:" option, but it doesn't seem to do that. I didn't fully understand how and what it does, as links are still opened in the same window.


Thank you.
What Q2A version are you using and can you post a link to your site?
Mine (http://www.olimpiade.org) is not working either (QA 1.4 beta 1).

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I think the problem is that 1.4 beta uses the value of the 'Open entered links in a new window' setting at the time the post is created, rather than when it is viewed. This will be fixed in the final 1.4 release.

Thank you for your answer.
Looking forward to the final 1.4 release ! :)