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I have need for two kind of posts in Q2 site. One is question post like it is supposed to be. Other is tutorial post. That means tutorials are not suppose to have answers but just comments.

Scenario would be that user, when creating new post, has option to choose if he posts question or tutorial, and when post is displayed it offers others to post answers or not based on that setting. Also, tutorials should not be treated as unanswered.

I would like to share the same category and tag system for questions and tutorials. I would like to be able to list questions and tutorials separately.

I am looking for hints how to make that. I am willing to create plugin.
Q2A version: 1.8.0

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If you dont want separate Categories, you can just create a new post type in qa_posts table. Will need to modify the Ask page to handle this type.
I noticed that there is type field in qa_posts but could not find how it is supposed to be used. I noticed several different values set there for different posts.  Can I use custom value for that field?
Thats what I would do; not sure if there is a prohibition for it as in future if Q2A happens to add the same type for some reason.
I suppose if you create a custom type, all the default question lists will ignore it and that is exactly what you want. Tags/Categories will be same also.
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Just make a one-line answer and close the question. Allow comments on the question. So it won't show as unanswered and no more answers can be made. But about lists, you should find a way like making menus for category based lists. eg: menu > category 1 - questions,, category 2 questions, Tutorials etc. With a blog plugin as in the first answer, all these can be done in a civilized way. Another option is making tutorials in standalone pages and making one page as an archive menu. You can modify the faq plugin to make an accordion style menu.
I know exactly what i want to accomplish. I just cannot get to the starting point how to program it.