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I don't know if this is possible but  a feature that automatically posts questions to facebook and/or twitter would be great.

Not to to a facebook "group" but an actual account status update.

I have been posting new unanswered questions to a  facebook account as "status updates" and people have been clicking on the links and adding their answers directly to the q2a instance.

I think it would be nice to automate the process if possible.

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The simplest way is that you pull RSS of recent question, activity or whatever you want then push it on to you facebook wall or twitter by using thirt party software. There are so many software that does this thing.

In my case, I'm using RSS Graffiti

See demo at www.facebook.com/tenkana

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Twitter feed is also one of the popular tool, you can automate the posting questions on twitter account.

I discovered twitterfeed yesterday for myself. :)