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I want to include a category image at each question.

Which file do I need to edit to achieve this?

qa-app-format.php I guess?
/editted nevermind....

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Well, I am trying to do this by myself.

I found this function:

        function post_meta_where($post, $class)
            $this->output_split(@$post['where'], $class.'-where');

to return the categorylink.

But I only want the raw category name, not also the html.

How can I get that?

If I have the raw category name, I can assign images to it.

I have tried strip_tags() to strip all the html/php code so that only the raw categoryname is the leftover, but strip_tags() doesn't do anything.

The raw category name is in $post['raw']['categoryname'] - $post['where'] is actually an array, so strip_tags() won't work on it.
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I finally got it working using the following code.

Mind the cat_image function I have added to q_item_stats... the rest is trivial.


function q_item_stats($question){
        $this->output('<DIV CLASS="qa-q-item-stats">');

function cat_image($post) {
      $raw_catname = $post['raw']['categoryname'];

      if ($raw_catname=='Sports') {
      echo '<img alt="Category image sports" src="http://www.rtvemmen.nl/useruploads/images/avatars/sport_algemeen.jpg"/>';

      if ($raw_catname=='Politics') {
      echo '<img alt="Category image politics" src="http://prospero.murdoch.edu.au:90/screens/images/politicians.jpg"/>';



You can add more category images by simply copy-pasting the if statements in the last section of function output_array_cat.