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Now sitemap is giving more priority to new questions. Most probably it will be an unanswered question. So increasing priority while adding answer or comments would have been nice. I think so
Q2A version: 1.8
Sitemap priority ranges from 0 to 1. Based on your question, it would be fair to assume that a question without answers is a 0.

1. But what would be a 1? The question with the most answers?
2. What would be a 0.5? The question with half the answers of the question with the most answers?

Note the solution needs to be performant and take advantage of the indexes properly so it is not an option to do too much magic there
The problem is all the questions without an answer is indexing within minutes. Would it be treated as thin content?
Big sites like quora are not at all indexing their unanswered questions.
I don't know about thin content. I just know what Q2A outputs :)

You asked to change sitemap priority based on answer count. Assuming the answer to my two questions is YES, you additionally want NOT to show questions that have 0 answers. Is that correct?
Yes, questions without answers or comments should have only 0.01 priority.
So you DO NOT want to hide any question and you want to show the minimum priority (that would be 0) as a 0.01.

Is that correct?

Note using comments in the math is not aligned with the performance note I added in my first comment so I wouldn't consider that as an option.
In 1.8 I think hotness is the parameter for priority. By looking through the code lines I think so. So making the new answer as 100% in hotness parameter should have to make the change in XML. Still, I can't see any difference in XML !!
I made it by setting the hotness parameters as 40 percent for most answers and 60 percent for new answers. New question, votes and views has nothing to do beneficial for the priority in sitemap xml. It is my assumption.

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