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Now there is an option to show question pages only to registered members.

How can I make people coming from search engine directly to a question page to view the answers? But whenever they click on another question page, then the page should prompt for a login. That's the success of Quora.
Q2A version: 1.8
That's not how Quora works. They allow direct question navigation (copying the URL of a question and accessing it directly from the browser navigation bar). But if you access a question page and the immediately browsed page was from Quora as well, then you are asked to login. That's a bit different from what you ask.

1. Would that work for you?

Also there is no "login prompt" in Q2A (unless you have coded that your self, of course).

2. Would it work for the user to be redirected to the login section and once they login they're automatically redirected to the question they were browsing?
Actually, I want users from the search engine to view the question page/answers. If they clicked on any other question then our q2a's option ' view only for registered member' should work.
ie: a visitor from the search engine should override the default hidden page for once.
No need of a login prompt. The message 'log in to view' we already have is more than enough
Oh ok. Then I would advice you to implement a custom plugin to make it work that way, which would exceed the complexity of an answer
Actually we can make it by adding a modal pop-up on window click. Inside the modal a login form should be there. But the problem is a JavaScript disabled browser can access all pages.
Another best option is enabling a modal pop-up with login form, only on the question pages with a timer function. Open login form can be used inside a modal window.

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