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Custom HTML in side panel on every page:
 Custom HTML at top of every page:
 Custom HTML at bottom of every page:
 Custom HTML in <head> section of every page:
 Custom content in home page instead of Q&A
 Include <meta> description for home page:
Q2A version: 1.8.0

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 I have the same problem

?Do you fine any solution

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I want to suggest you a solution.

For example;

We use  that code

<div class="qa-sidebar wet-asphalt">

  Welcome to the Q&A site for Question2Answer.




it prevented this belong I find this in Snow theme for you them you can use yours for yourself.

I hope you understand me :)

please I don't understand what you mean
 what I do exactly?
I meant you can use html code which already has in this things but you have a saving problem.
Im using 1.8.3 and no problem occurs.
Sorry I could not help.
I look for about my  problem here  , a lot of Users complain form this problems
but no way

If I find  <head> file , I will  modify on it and solve this problem
my friend I put the code you mentioned above in (Custom HTML in <head> section of every page) , it is working well

But when I put google analytics, it is not working

I try with google analytics plugin by Ivan but not working