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This problem have dropped the site ranking please help
All other categories are fine
Visit this link https://www.satechhelp.co.za/categories and you will see the category that have  6421 questions have 64 questions on home page categories. Please guys i really need your help i'm willing to pay if necessary

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Firstly I doubt that an incorrect number makes any difference to ranking whatsoever. But it is a strange problem.

Did you add some posts directly to the database? Try going to Admin > Stats and clicking the buttons "recount posts" and "recalculate categories". You should then get correct numbers.

If not then it's hard to know the problem. Is the number 64 increasing when a new question is asked in that category? Are there questions in that category directly and not subcategories?
Yes i did but still the same
Strange, I can't see what the problem could be. The numbers for the category page and category widget both come from the same function.
Truly strange sir. May be this might give a clue for a solution https://www.satechhelp.co.za/sitemap-category-mobile-phones-&-pdas-nokia-android-nokia-5-0.xml Got this error from Google webmasterstool
If i move a sub category from the second sub-category to "No parent (top level) then the number of questions becomes correct. I' not sure whether the 64 is the number of the sub-cats but when i count i get 60 sub-cats. what happened to the 4?