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Hello Guys.

I want to integrate my Q2A with my joomla 3.8 on the same server.

i was install this plugin on my joomla site:


and i put this code on (qa-external-users.php):

//Find the Joomla! path (if Q2A is installed correctly in subdirectory of Joomla, Joomla's root directory should be a level above the parent of the current folder).
$joomlaPath = dirname(dirname(__DIR__));
if (!file_exists($joomlaPath.'')) {
    exit("Could not find Joomla! root directory.");
//Find the Joomla! plugin
$pluginPath = $joomlaPath.'/plugins/q2a/qaintegration/';
if (!file_exists($pluginPath.'/qaintegration.php')) {
    exit("Could not find Joomla! qaintegration plugin.");
//Include the
require ($pluginPath.'/qa-external/qa-external-users.php');

but once i check my Q2A this message will show:

Could not find Joomla! qaintegration plugin.

this message its already inside the code, it mean Q2A couldn't find the plugin which i installed on my joomla.

please do you know about this issue?

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Those instructions may be out of date. Q2A has Joomla integration out of the box, so you shouldn't need to mess with the external-users file.

In your qa-config.php, uncomment the line with the constant QA_JOOMLA_INTEGRATE_PATH then set the correct path for it. Then I think it should just work with the plugin.
I am sorry.  Are there any instructions on how to do this?  I could not find any documentation for this.
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This is my 1st post in this website. wink

Actually, it took me a few trials to figure out how to integrate Q2A with Joomla.

The published solution is outdated (2015).. and I've tried it 1st but could not make it work..

Later, while reading the "qa-config-example.php" file, I discovered that you do not need to do a lot of changes.

1. The only line you need to modify after uncomment is:

define('QA_JOOMLA_INTEGRATE_PATH', dirname(__DIR__));

For me, I used the following (since my Joomla installation is in the root):


define('QA_JOOMLA_INTEGRATE_PATH', '../');

2. After doing this, you need to change the file name from "qa-config-example.php" to >> "qa-config.php"

3. Change the folder "qa-external-example" to >> "qa-external"

4. download the plugin:


5. Install the plugin to your Joomla from Extensions>Manage>Install>Upload Package File

6. Go to Extensions>Plugins and write "integration" in the search box

7. Find "Question2Answer Integration" plugin and change the status to (Enable)

8. Press on the link "Question2Answer Integration" to change the settings as needed:


9. Press "Advanced" and insert your login paths as shown:

10. Save & close

11. In your web browser go to your Q2A folder (e.g. www.yourwebsite.com/qa) and follow instructions.

12. Your Q2A will be installed and ready to work.

Congratulations yeslaugh

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