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I've got some problems with emails. No emails is send, no notifications and while trying to send feedback mail I receive info that there is Server error - please try again... I'm trying ti use internal phpmailer. No idea what is wrong :(\

Server is Win2003Serv, Apache 2.2, php 5.9.2, mysql 5.0.

I've check all config files (at leas i think so...smiley) and now I'm compleatly out of ideas.

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Notification works well for all of case. So I think you got problem some where with your server configuration.

Check below info:

- Enabled SPF
- Set the proper rDNS on your IP address

Or copy here some configuration files of doubt. Some one can help.
I've got other application at this same server and it's also using phpmailer and everything works just fine. So I don't think that this is case of Server configuration :(
On the other hand I've received one mail notyfining me about new question asked. But only one.
Any ideas why feedback form is not working?