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I am trying to get the SSO working with TikiWiki following the instructions in the qa-external-users file. Overall TikiWiki seems to be reasonably similar to Wordpress etc. that it should work, but I am quite inexperienced with these things.

I am going of the second example for function qa_get_logged_in_user() as userids are stored as numeric values and TikiWiki seems to create a session cookie.

However I have run into several issues:

1. The cookie that seems to be created by TikiWiki (called PHPSESSID) only contains a single value that looks like a some sort of hashed random string. Normally there should be the userid, right?

1.1. If I set the if "(isset($_COOKIE['sessionid'])) {" to 'PHPSESSID' the Q2A page fails to load due to an database error. I guess this is just because it can't understand the above hashed value and tries to find a userid with it?

2. Tikiwiki by default has a session storage location defined in the php.ini, but being on a shared host I don't have direct access to the php.ini. There is also a option to store it in the database as the Q2A example seems to assume, but somehow this seems to be broken in TikiWiki as when I select that I can't log in anymore. Is there another way of doing this?

I hope someone here has an idea about this, as I seem to be well over my head on this :( Thanks for the help in advance!
Q2A version: 1.8

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