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Hello. Which link format is good for seo?

1) Sitename.com/123/question-title
2) Sitename.com/question-title/123

Or does not matter ?
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I think Sitename.com/question-title/123 is more SEO oriented and good for ranking since the keyword is coming directly after the website name. Although, I use Sitename.com/123/question-title because it makes the sharing of URL pretty easy for me. 

In Q2A the number in the URL is the ID for any question and not the title itself. So even if I share Sitename.com/123/ then also I'll land on the same question. But, if I would have chosen the other way and shared Sitename.com/question-title then I might not land on the same question. The thing here is, that multiple questions can have the same title but never the same ID. 

I agree with you your answer is ideal one
I agree with you also.
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Static link format is good for SEO and Dofollow links from different domains are very beneficial.
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URL has very low impact on Seo. Make sure contains your keywords and you're ok. By the way, you can also have random URLs and stll rank high. Get quality and in topic backlinks and you'll rank also with random URLs.

Read more on the Ahrefs' blog: https://ahrefs.com/blog/on-page-seo/ (correlations contained in the second point "2. Keyword in URL"). 

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If we look it from Seo point of view, there won't be any difference between the two as you Keyword would be in your Question-title in the link so google will catch it anyway.

But if 123 in the url is date

Then it would be better to use 


Which is a standard one.

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I would go for option 2, but would rather not use the numbers at all.
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URLs are not so important unless it is much complicated or having too much stop words and symbols other than +,- or /. If it was so then google would have changed their blogger blogs URL from that date archives to categories as they made major changes in blogger including https on custom domains.
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The second one is better between these two but not the best one. If you can somehow make your URL like sitename.com/question-title/, that's going to be the best for faster indexing by search engines. Search engines like Google is not very much comfortable with numeric number (as parameter) indexing in URLs.
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This is better -> 2) Sitename.com/question-title/123

It more organized and SEO friendly. For the user's are easy to memorize the URL.