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In connection of the revision history plugin, you might want to show only edit notices for loggedin users and only for questions. For this, the following edit of app/format.php is necessary: 

if (@$options['updateview'] && isset($post['updated']) &&

($post['updatetype'] != QA_UPDATE_SELECTED || $isselected) && // only show selected change if it's still selected

( // otherwise check if one of these conditions is fulfilled...

(!isset($post['created'])) || // ... we didn't show the created time (should never happen in practice)

($post['hidden'] && ($post['updatetype'] == QA_UPDATE_VISIBLE)) || // ... the post was hidden as the last action

(isset($post['closedbyid']) && ($post['updatetype'] == QA_UPDATE_CLOSED)) || // ... the post was closed as the last action

(abs($post['updated'] - $post['created']) > 300) || // ... or over 5 minutes passed between create and update times

($post['lastuserid'] != $post['userid']) // ... or it was updated by a different user


&& ($post['type']=='Q') // q2apro hack: ONLY Questions

&& ($post['updatetype']==QA_UPDATE_CONTENT) // q2apro hack: ONLY content edits, not retagging

&& (qa_get_logged_in_userid()) // q2apro hack: ONLY show for loggedin users

) {

Just a tip.

Q2A version: 1.8.0
Understand the importance of "only content edits". But why only for question edits?
Because the edit history plugin does only store the revision history for questions. Otherwise we could allow all posts (Q/A/C).
oh! I did not know that. Thank you.

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