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puan kazanmaya sınır koymak mümkün mü?
Bir kullanıcı saatte 3 soru 3 cevap puan kazanabilse? 3 soru ve 3 cevap sonrasında puan kazanmasın ama soru ve cevap yazmaya devam etsin,bu mümkün mü? Nasıl yapabilirim?

Hello there,
is it possible to limit the points earned?
If a user can earn 3 questions and 3 answer points on the hour? Do not earn points after 3 questions and 3 answers but keep writing questions and answers, is this possible? How can I do it?

I'm using translate.

I want to tell you, for example, that you will not get points after 3 questions, 3 answers each time, 3 questions and 3 answers.
How can I do that?

Thank you very much in advance.


why do u want to discourage users? what is the purpose?
because we pay cash for points. We have to limit the win.
You can do that, just restrict to 3question or answers per hour .

Rate limit for asking questions:
Rate limit for adding answers:
Rate limit for posting comments:

They will again will be able to add QA after one hour.
it is already active but I do not want it.
What I want to tell you is; I can still ask questions and write answers when the hourly rights are over. You can not earn points after 3, but you can ask.
You need to write plugin for this.

You can think about badges plugin and reward users based on badges. This will help your get more content on site.
thank you..................

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