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Can you please help me understand how to search through the code better.  For example, a user's status displays:

Score:     1200 points (ranked #10)

But if I search the code for the word "ranked", no files show up containing that word (at least using Windows 10 search).  Where is the code that produces this ranked display?

Also, for tool tips such as:  "Click to vote down",  where do I find the text that produces these.  I could not locate even though searching for a while.


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I don't use Windows but I'm pretty sure you're not properly using that feature. Most likely you're searching filenames rather than file content. There must be a flag that controls that somewhere.

Furthermore, you should use a decent text editor to search for files or even better, a PHP IDE, such as PHPStorm, NetBeans, Eclipse, etc. Performing a search with those tools it's a cinch and quite fast.

For example, the "ranked" search yields this results for me:

As you can see, the file is lang/qa-lang-profile.php, line 72.

Regarding "Click to vote down" it is in lang/qa-lang-main.php, line 195.

Anyway, in order to translate, it is much better to follow these steps than modifying that file: http://docs.question2answer.org/translate

thanks for your assistance