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Hi guys,

My website is in Bulgarian but I would like to have an option to be in English and I would like to have a few questions in English as well. I do not want to change theme or anyhing else. However, I would like to hide the questions that are non-english.

I guess I only need a subdirectory (en) and to be able to display the q2a english version there (no questions displayed). However, I am not sure how to accoplish this. Has anyone done that on their forums?

I think this solution is perfect for my case but I would need help implementing it:



Will this code work for v. 1.7? Can anyone help me with this? Should this be a core hack or I can do it with a plugin as well? I do not want to use google translation.

I checked q2a documentation but did not come to a working solution. Has anyone tried to develop a plugin for this?
Q2A version: 1.7

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i waiting a language plugin for  QA. I like if some developer want create this ...or fix actual plugin from the top post...because not working to v.1 7.