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the reason is to be more reliable as an administrator and that this ensures the handling of the information. Is someone working on that?
nice question

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What exactly are you trying to achieve? If you use HTTPS on your site then the "transmission" of the messages (sending them to the server and reading them from the server) will be encrypted.

They won't be encrypted on disk, but I'm not sure that's necessary. I don't know of any other companies or apps doing that. If users are worried about administrators reading their PMs in the database, well there isn't any way to prevent that. Even if you use encryption somewhere you still need to know how to decrypt it so you can show the messages to the users, so any admin could read the messages.
well this goes of each use in particular by the owners of the platforms. recently someone else posted information from other users when posting their private messages. this was not a good point.

what I aspire as an administrator is that you can not read for any reason the private messages of the users
I guess it can be stored similar to the password?