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Exist here an antiflood plugin ? i see to many request on index.php page and server is down, i think someone flooding website, exist a plugin  here for anti flood and block the same IP request page in every seconds ?
Have you tried using Cloudflare? It might solve your problem.
This is not really something that makes sense as a plugin, probably best to solve it at the server level.
This problem no resolve cloudflare or dedicted server, because this request can will be on this dedicated server or cloudflare, i want a php-code in a plugin who can stop 100/sec request by the same ip address ..its easy to create this , today i create a php file with this but i need more .. .

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To create a plugin for this should be indeed easy, at least at first glance.

1. getip(),
2. save in DB, and count++,
3. if count>100 then prevent from access.

However, the q2a engine would still handle it. So I guess best would really be something server-based.

Here is a shell script: http://linuxgazette.net/137/takefuji.html

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