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I am trying to translate Q&A in other language and I noticed that in the translated platform there are certain pages where there is space between my header and the browser window. There is no such space with the English version. Does anyone know why this happens?
Do you have a live example or a screenshot perhaps?
I have the same problem, so i use "margin-top: -19px;" in .css, i think saw few sites with this bug.

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It looks like you have the same problem as here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/6421/rss-feed-problem-resolve

There is an extra character that's found its way into the page before the doctype. It's visible in Google Chrome if you view source. It'll be somewhere in one of the PHP files.

See if you can find the character "U+FEFF ZERO WIDTH NO BREAK SPACE" in the Character Map program and try to copy it. Then, use Notepad++ and do "Find in Files" and see if it finds the character.
Search in all files at /qa-include ?
Which program i should use ? i searched for character in google, found nothing helpfull.
If you have Google Chrome you can view source on the page (Ctrl+U) and you will see a dot as the very first character. Highlight and copy that, try pasting into the Notepad++ search box (it won't show be visible but it should be there) and searching. NP is here: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
Here is dot http://goo.gl/1OQMR wich is not copyable, if i copy and try to find notepad++ just finds "?"

I think it's files encoding issue becouse after fixing RSS (by encoding all lang files to ANSI space dissapeard only in question pages, not home page.)