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When enabling cache in 1.8
How to solve?
Q2A version: 1.8

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See the comment in qa-config.php (or qa-config-example.php), you need to define QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY in your config. Currently the folder needs to be outside the public root (in other words so it cannot be accessed in a web browser via example.com/cache/...).

Something like this in your qa-config.php should work:

define('QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY', __DIR__.'/../cache/');

Then that folder should be made writable by the server (chmod 777).

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I also tried define('QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY', __DIR__.'/storage/ssd5/513/2620513/qa-cache/');

I also made folder 777
Cloudflare shouldn't make any difference, this is all stuff that happens on your server that doesn't go to Cloudflare.

The folder needs to be the full path on the server to the cache folder. So if your site lives in '/storage/ssd5/513/2620513/public_html/' then you'll need to use '/storage/ssd5/513/2620513/qa-cache/'
You can get the full path from the variable $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
You could try this as your directory:
    $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/../qa-cache/'
$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/../qa-cache/'

Where to try this?

define('QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY', '/storage/ssd5/513/2620513/qa-cache');


This works.. I was doing  before */ that's why the problem.