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I noticed that the Questions tab now has a sub menu with Most recent/votes/answers. Shouldn't the Hot and All Activity tabs also go there rather than in the main tabs? All 5 views are the same list of questions, ordered differently.

Then it would be great to choose:

  1. Which of the submenus to show (for example, you could turn off 'most answers').
  2. Which is the default view when you click Questions (for example, you could show 'hot' by default).

There is also the Unanswered tab... IMO this is slightly different because it's showing a subset of the questions rather than a different order. Also there is the case of the default view on the home page... ugh so many things to think about, I'm getting confused ;)

Anyone have suggestions/ideas for organisation?

Yes, I think so.

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I'm not able to understand how "Hot!" is calculated?

Current tabs looks fine to me, I feel even "Hot!" should go under "Questions" tab.

let "All Activity" be separate tab.
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I think so, HOT should be under Questions tab.

Im going to use Questions tab ->HOT as default homepage, just like digg.com
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I think 'Hot!' is a special case, so it deserves its own (optional) tab on the main navigation menu.

But I've also added it as one of the sort options on the Questions page, since I agree it also makes sense there as well.

As for 'All Activity', this is kind-of different, because it doesn't just show information about questions, but also answers or comments on them.

Having said that, in the long term, I guess all of this is going to have to be customizable!
Yeah, the problem as I see it is there are already 3 basic view modes for questions: newest (questions), by last answer (home page), by last comment/answer (all activity).

I kinda feel those last two should be merged, so the home page has recent activity and then perhaps commenting is factored into the "Hot" algorithm if it's not already.
@gidgreen: Maybe check your google analytics > Content > In-Page-Analysis to find out how many people use these menu items. And if it is less than 5 %, you could merge them as Scott suggested. "Less is more".