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Im using cleanstrap theme and 1.7 q2a.
When i go back to edit question... if i make a minor edits and it takes me below 60 seconds when i hid EDIT, the changes are not stored.
Actually when i need to edit a question or tag, after i open the edit page i can apply edits but wait 60 seconds before i hit the button to store them.

Is that something related to q2a or is my hosting?
I did try to enable and disable the gzip options at cleanstrap theme options but without any success. Im not sure is gzip is somehow related to that or not but i had to try.

From what i see at my cpanel i have only apcu cache activated at the moment.
How do i disable any cache on edit pages?
Any ideas?

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APCu doesn't cache anything unless you call specific functions like apcu_add, which Q2A doesn't do. But maybe your host is doing something funky with caching or something else at the server level. You should check with them what's causing the problem.