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Hi web site question page, there is a gap up, what could it be?
It's been before, but I've improved, now I can not fix it.
A sample question link; https://www.hizli-resim.info/sorucevap/36002/agustos-2017-kazanan-kullanicilar

Thank you for answering already.

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You seem to have some issue with JavaScript you've added. It is writing output to the webpage in question pages. You can see that easily in the inspector:

Check all the JS code you have added either in the admin section, by means of plugins or by modifying the core.

I looked it up in all the files and admin admin plugin pages, but it is not in any place.
The top space on question pages does not go to :(  very bad
I finally did it.
I fixed it.
The problem is in the lang-tr files!
I changed them and it was gone!
Thank you very much. :)
Welcome. I definitely knew that you were going to fix it. Good job :)
:) Thank you,good theacher ;))))))