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The maximum number of pages is 602
I want to increase the number even more

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There is no real maximum number of pages but rather a maximum number to start any page from. You can configure it in the qa-config.php file.

define('QA_MAX_LIMIT_START', 19999);

thank you for helping me
I think here is a problem with q2a. When I want to go through the question list, it is by default limited to 19999 questions, all other questions I cannot access anymore through /questions - max is /questions?start=19980.

I increased this number to 90000 but since my forum reached 120k questions, the users cannot navigate further. It stops at 90000 and you think the question shown in the list is the first question that was posted in the forum.

Or is really nobody using this feature? Maybe my thoughts are misleading.
@q2apro The older questions are linked from other places, for example “related questions” or the tags/categories pages.
Or the search. I know. But really wondering how often a user browses through the questions chronologically.