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Im using the snowflat theme.  Is there a way to show the page numbers at the bottom of the page without have to click "To see more, click for the full list of question or popular tags"? Thanks.

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I dont understand where exactly you want to display the pagination but i assume you mean the home page of your site. If so, a quick solution would be to add this line in your "qa-config.php" file which you can find in the root directory of your Q2A installation.

        'questions' => '  ',

This way you will display at the home page the whole list of the questions with the pagination at the bottom.

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All im trying to do is go straight to pagination instead of having to click a link to go to pagination.  My website does not show pagination until I click the link at the bottom of the page, then it will give me page numbers.  I dont want to click the link to get to pagination, I want it to already be at pagination when users visit the page.