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I used below one. it's not working.
 `$row = qa_post_get_full($postid);`
 ` qa_user_maximum_permit_error('permit_view_voters_flaggers',$row);`
Q2A version: 1.7.0
try bye passing the ciruit and rerought the wires and see what happends

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You appear to be passing a post (e.g. a question) into that function, but that function doesn't take a post. It takes a permission level and tells you if the logged-in user can do that permission. So you'd need to remove the $row variable.

And you should probably be using qa_user_permit_error rather than the 'maximum' version (which is for a specialised case with categories).

However, it sounds like you want to check if a user can flag a particular post, not whether they can view the voters/flaggers like you have now. In which case you'd want qa_user_post_permit_error which does take a post:

qa_user_post_permit_error('permit_flag', $row);