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When viewing on a cell phone, my up and down arrows are not viewable.  How can I fix this? Thanks.

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It seems the buttons have been explicitly removed. It should be OK for them to be there. Probably, the developer thought they took too much space. Try this to bring them back:

1. Edit file qa-theme/Donut-theme/css/donut.css

2. Replace this line https://github.com/amiyasahu/Donut/blob/5e9aa779b564663d62bec28cabe8863d57bcaa17/qa-theme/Donut-theme/css/donut.css#L2957

With this line:

margin-top: -11px;

Depending on your site configuration you might need to play with the margin a bit to properly position the buttons.

Thank you for posting that.  I have tried what you mentioned, but I see no change after uploading the changes. I refreshed several times to make sure nothing was cached, but no change at all.
I didn't have to clear the cache. Anyway, refreshing does not clear the cache either.

If you open the CSS file URL from the browser do you see the updated file? Maybe your hosting provider is caching the file.
When I view URL in browser it shows the old file.  When I view through file manager it shows new file.  Not sure how to make the browser see new file.
There isn't much I can do with that. Most likely it is a cache issue: just google "How to clear the browser's cache" and that should solve the issue.

If the issue persists, then it might be your hosting provider caching the file (for which you'll have to wait or check with them what you options they provide you).

If the issue persists, then you might have not edited the file properly. Anyway, with so little information about the issue, it is just guessing.
No problem, thanks for your help.  Im sure it is a hosting issue.  Thanks.
Oh, one more thing. This theme has a plugin setting called "Activate Prod Mode (use minified css, js and Bootstrap CDN)". If you have it enabled, the file you need to change should be donut.min.css. That must be the issue.
You are 100% correct.  I did have that enabled.  Thanks, that was driving me crazy!