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It is a complicated problem. Now, i am using a single guestbook (100.000 questions) on text database with php. Then decided that i can use q2a. So i convert datas from text-mysql to q2a database (qa_posts table) on phpmyadmin. i transfered with mysql database account (similar to q2a database). There is no problem here. I loaded. My datas are shown but i have some issues on that point.

- if i want to search any wordd on q2a's pages. It dont find anything. (I tested google search plugins. it isnt find anything too)

Thanks a lot.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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I don't exactly get what you did but most likely going to admin/stats and recalculating and reindexing stuff should solve the issue.

Sounds like they added the content directly into the database. So yes the solution is to "reindex content".
@Scott is right. but then i saw pupi1985 plugins. unfortunately, when i saw it, i added sql to text database. ( there is 70k questions)

in my opinion, there is a problem q2a's database. "Q" content's table and "A" content's table in same colomn (content) so i added with another options. (with using navi)

so, my old database have seperate Q answers and A answers. i added same all in one colomn.

http://www.dralihatay.com/hasta/15003/testis-uyusmasi ( there is question and answer to same colomn)

Thanks for interest.

ps. @pupi1985, i sent a issue about seo pluging in ur github.
It is still unclear what you have done in detail. However, I don't think there is any problem with Q2A's database. It is perfectly fine to have the same table to store questions and answers it is basically a "kill the parent and keep the children" strategy resolution of the Posts, Questions, Answers and Comments hierarchy.
Here is more info about it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8685621
i guess, it is clearly that. i had a guest book with text database. i transformed it to q2a. i added the content directly into database and i added it with mysql navi.

but i worried that, what can we do to select table both Q's content and A's content "at same time" with a loop? maybe i want to use mysql database a external php without q2a pages?  

AND i learned new thing. especially thank u with ur patient. my main wish only that teaching.

thanks for all.