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I would like to add new options in 'Points' tab using a plugin. e.g. if user visit the site or add a comment, user could earn a point.

how could I do? any existing code I could follow?
Q2A version: 1.7.4
This plugin developed by Arjunsuresh allows giving points for comments:
thanks for your info. I downloaded this plugin, but looks doesn't work.  I also downloaded comment_vote plugin by NoahY, it doesn't fully work. both of them are not complete solution for this purpose. how do I troubleshoot this plugin?
Voting in comments will be part of the core of Q2A.
It will be implemented in version 1.8 that will be released soon. I recommend you wait. The plugin of NoahY is old.
Arjunsuresh said it will improve the plugin Q2A better points.
You can help the developer by saying what is not working in the plugin:
I don't know where to find out the error. the plugin just doesn't work after I install.  I will try to figure it out and report it to Suresh.
about 1.8, I checked the github 1.8 branch, looks the db and points calculation is still current logic without comment out. not sure when will it be released as planned. hope they are doing offline dev.

I will use NoahY plugin first, at least it insert record into qa_uservotes table, which should be the final way to go. and hope new 1.8 will be release soon with comment vote feature.

That plugin was not fully developed. You can download it now, and yes it requires the comment voting plugin from Noah.
Suresh, thanks for your explanation and revision for betterpoints.

I tried your latest plugin, I got database error when I recalculate the points. I suspected it is due to exam and pblog calculation. should I install any other plugin?
also I am interest about exam count, how could I try it?
Oh, they should not cause any error even if those plugins are absent. Could you please give the exact error you got?
Exam count is from another plugin but not free,
thanks. sent you email about this.
one more question. after I setup comment-vote and betterpoints, it works with one problem.
the comment vote up/down button only shows when I edit a comment. the button doesn't show up in display mode.
I noticed that in gateoverflow, the buttons always show.
any issue in comment-vote plugin?

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