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hello guys

I used qawork theme. But it doesnt work with 1.7. so I started to use snow theme. While using qawork theme, via its addons, user allowed to follow eachothers, admins selected featured questions and the site shows this question on a widget etc. now how can I keep to show these followings and featured questions.

note: its featured question addon was different the much know featured question plugin : https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-featured

another quesiton, if there is an updating about my questions or answers, this theme show the notification like facebook. is there any plugin to do this ? 

after all, I again wanna give my  thanks to Rahul Aryan, cause giving up support after sell the theme on high cost :)

Q2A version: 1.7.4
Well, this is the issue with that theme- its not made to work with other things. Everything was done custom. So, with upgrade everything must be again done custom :(
what is the difference between those featured plugins? I'm planning to improve the one by Noah.

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Here is Facebook-like / Stackoverflow-like notifications on your QA website that can replace all email-notifications.

I have an extension of the above plugin  with notifications for user messages/wall posts and even blog posts in case of blog-plugin. But waiting for Q2A1.8 notification system- because it will be useless by then. In case it is not coming soon, I can make it available.
I dont see any commits on github in v1.8 for notification, not sure if Scott is working offline on that.

are you talking about your this plugin?