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For some reason only admins are being allowed to add new answers when a best answer has already been selected and only the new comment button is showing up for users with lower rights. Is this by design and is there a way to unlock it so registered users can still keep on adding new answers?
Q2A version: 1.7.4
"only the new comment button is showing up for users with lower rights" => you mean admins are not being able to comment on any post but basic users are able to do so? If that is the case, have you modified the core somehow?
Non-admins were being presented the comment button and not the answer button but it's solved now(see selected answer). Thanks for asking :)

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There is an option in the admin panel which relates to your problem. So follow the step and see if it helps.

Visit Admin Panel > Posting > Close questions with a selected answer

Deactivate that option if it's activated and it should allow everyone to answer even if best answer is selected.

I hope this helps.
Wieeew...I was about to delete all plugins and then reinstall them one by one to figure out what was wrong and yet it was as simple as that lol...thanks Gurjyot that saved me from a whole deal of headache :P
I am glad to know that my answer was helpful... :)