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The important feature is that have to make the admin able to put delay between posting Q,A,C from the admin control panel like vBulletin and other scripts 

That because the member click many times quickly on the ask or answer button the question or answer will be posted many times see the screenshot :

And the second issue that have to be resolved is that the admin of the website when set the new entries under moderate mode have to check many thousands of entries daily to approve or decline its

So that it have to be checked by more than one person so the moderate section must be contain page numbering :

It will not be the final solution for the issue but it is good because every admin will check a page 

Q2A is capable of detecting duplicates. Language issue?

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I think they are both very good suggestions. Duplicate question post has been around for a while. The approach I'd use would be to remove the ability for the button to send the form (in shot, to disable it) and add the loading... animation next to it so that the user is aware that something is happening. Additionally, a disabled style could be added to the button. However, such style does not currently exist so themes would have to adapt to it.

I also agree with you the admin sections that handle questions/users lists need indeed some work. This includes pagination on all of them, displaying post counts next to the title of the submenu (in such a way that CSS can be applied so that themes can improve the way they display them, e.g. with a small red circle) and updating the amount of pending items each time one is removed or more need to be fetched.

I'm not sure if pagination makes sense for the moderation page. The list is limited, and once you have actioned everything on the page then page 2 is now page 1.

Same goes for multiple moderators loading different pages, if someone is doing something on page 1 then what is on page 2 will be changing.

But I think we probably need a better UI when one moderator tries to approve a question that's already been approved.
Pagination might not be the best approach for handling concurrency but it still is a good approach to use in any list page. Not allowing a user to browse between all items and showing them only a bunch in a fixed order will not allow the user to find a specific post without performing actions on the rest of them.

Particularly talking about the concurrency issue, I think it is not possible to remove it. However, it is possible to decrease it considerably. Apart from the browsing feature suggested before, there could be a "moderating mode" in which moderators would only see one post at a time and have the ability to operate on it or skip it, or whatever they want to do. That way, each post processed will update the server immediately and it will not give that post to other moderators performing the same task. This doesn't solve the issue because if there are more than one moderators at the same time operating in that section with only one pending post, both of them would be displayed the given post. It is not perfect but it is much better IMO.
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Please check this question to get an Idea knowing that just the user who has less than 6 points his entries will be under moderation mode and spam plugin enabled