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I have a site with two subdomains and q2a installed on each one. Since of those subdomains never take off completely, I would like to fetch those questions and users and put it into the other site.

The users and categories are all different between sites.

Is this possible?
Q2A version: 1.7.4
May be you can achieve that using Network sites plugin.

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If there are less questions then I recommend you to just copy and paste on other site. There may not be easy way to merge two sites.
That will mean the users will be lost too, with their open login info :(
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There isn't really any simple way to merge sites, as both sites will have used the same IDs for posts and users (1, 2, 3, etc).

But it should be possible by updating the IDs in the site that you're transferring from to ones that are not used in your first site.

Example: your user IDs go up to 100 on the first site and qa_posts goes to 300. You could add eg 150 to the users and 350 to the posts from the second site, then transfer those rows into the first site.

Note also that you will need to add the same numbers to all other references to those IDs, eg adding 150 to qa_posts.userid, qa_posts.lastuserid; and adding 350 to qa_posts.parentid, qa_posts.selchildid. There may be many more I'm forgetting.

Hope that helps!