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I have been trying to filter out questions from Q2A site. i.e., suppose a user select a tag 'abc' as filter none of those questions will be shown to him. By overriding the basic select spec function this is working well. But the only issue is "pagination". The page counts and listings are as if no filtering is applied- so in many pages of categories no question comes as they gets filtered out. Does anyone know how/where this can be adjusted? I tried looking at the questions page but cannot make out :(

@Scott @Pupi Any help?
Q2A version: 1.8

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I got it :)

--"type=$ ".$sortsql." LIMIT #,#) y ON ^posts.postid=y.postid";
++"type=$  ) y ON ^posts.postid=y.postid ".$sortsql." LIMIT #,#";

At multiple places in selects.php

@Scott Can this be a change in core? Then this filter module can be released as a plugin. Also is there any use in applying a LIMIT but at the end?

If anyone needs it here is the plugin including the required core change.