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I looked at "Unanswered" and there are 8 pages of questions! I think we should try and answer all the ones that can be answered. Some of the old ones may not be relevant any more.

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I'd love to, but either I spend all day answering questions, or else I keep working on the next version of Q2A! I try to answer those that require particularly intimate knowledge of the Q2A codebase, and hope other people will pick up the slack...
OK, thanks for the offer, you on the list!
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Guys, I think you should take that discussion elsewhere, it's way off-topic for this question.
yes delete this offtopic
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The right answer is for community members other than Gideon to answer more questions.

Gideon has a unique position in the Q2A project: he's the architect and writes 99% or more of the software. (I'm proud to have written a small bit that is available as a plugin.)

There are many ways to contribute to an open software project. One of the most important is to provide additional project documentation and support to others.

If figuring out the answer to someone else's question would take you awhile, so what? Along the way, you will learn alot about software in general and the Q2A software in particular.

If you have a question about what a piece of software in Q2A is doing then ask the people on StackOverflow to help you understand it.

It will always be the case that Gideon will know the answer to questions faster than anyone else. It is NEVER the case that Gideon should be answering all (or even most) of the questions about the software.

So my challenge to you, dear reader, is to step up and answer some questions. The source is available and all of the answers about the current version are there. You just need to look.....

This is true and I totally understand that. As long as the rest of us are answering what we can, that's great. I think the main problem is there are a lot of feature suggestion questions, and many questions related to specific purposes that others are not interested in.

For example, here - http://www.question2answer.org/qa/3667/youtube-%40-ckeditor - the OP asks for YouTube support. But unless anyone else also wants it, they are unlikely to spend hours digging around source code to find an answer.
Good point on the feature suggestions-- my experience is that:

1) If someone really really wants a new feature, they'll make it happen by either developing it themselves or paying someone else to do so. As for the "nice to haves" and other good ideas, they should be collected up. But if anyone thinks that merely suggesting a good idea will cause it to be developed, then they're naive.

2) I'd be careful about concluding that no one would help someone else with his or her request for help in creating or investigating a new feature idea. There are plenty of altruistic people out there who are not so disgruntled.

I've personally helped people achieve their feature goals even though I had no personal interest in that feature. And I'm sure that you have too on occasion.
Oh yeah, I love to help people out. I'm just saying I wouldn't spend hours upon hours searching through vBulletin code/documentation in order to tell someone how to do SSO.

Another part of the problem is many people have asked bad questions with not enough information, and never came back to explain in more detail what they require. Some of these questions ought to be hidden, because they are of no use to anyone.