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Is there a place where i can get the queries for all the Rss feeds provided by Q2A. I see that its getting constructed dynamic within the code. I am looking for MySQl queries for the following

  • Recent questions
  • Hot Questions
  • Questions with most Most votes
  • Questions with Most answers
  • Questions with Most views
  • Unanswered questions

Thanks in advance

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Yes, it is constructed dynamically. The queries come from qa-include/db/selects.php and there you can see it passes through 2-3 functions each providing some selections. So, it won't be good to get a query running once ans use it elsewhere -- because in future some plugin/version might override some of the select function.

In case you don't care for this, you might dump the query using print_r when called from qa-include/qa-feed.php for the respective cases.