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When ever I try to ask a new question, after logging in, upon clicking, I get a 404 error.
I checked when I log in, the url changes to this : 


looking at the ask question, and log out, their URLs,  they are like this :



When I remove one of the slashes, they work just fine. 
What is the problem here? what is causing this ? How can I remove the extra slash?

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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I found the cause for this.

in  the setting section, where I had to write the url of the site, I noticed the site url had two slashes at the end of it!

and then I removed one of it and save it, again two slashes! I removed all of the ending slashes and saved settings and there it was one slash! and all started to work.

So basically it was caused because when someone adds a url in that section, the script blindly adds another slash so that in case people add a url with out a trailing slash (such as google.com) they wouldnt have any issues creating path such as siteurl\ask, etc.

this is a bug which needs to be addressed.

and Thanks for the great support!