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Hello! Is there such a plugin that would allow moderators , System Administrator to mark checkboxes in profile , so you can do the warnings , for example, 2 marked checkboxes - ban this user. Such a small warning system . I am waiting for a quick reply. Regards

Q2A version: 1.7.3 and 1.7.4
How should the warning be? If a checkbox in the user profile is ticked- he might not get a warning rt? It would be much better to have an option for warning-email as well. But if the site is using notification plugin, this would require an option for onsite notification as well.
No warning in the sense that in a profile select the checkbox , like someone broke the rules . Then you get a warning , then , if once again break the rules of procedure , the moderator enters the profi looks , one checkbox and then banish user

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