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Earlied i had issues with buttons disappearing upon submitting content 2nd time. I managed to find a quick temporary fix for this by adding an extra page reload so that the issue doesnt come to users notice.

However, there is still another issue with buttons where sometimes when we click "comment" button, the toggle doesnt occur but the whole page refreshes, just to remove all the comment buttons in addition to the comment form field thats suppose to be showing up.

A quick look into the code showed me this


$this->output('<div class="qa-c-form"'.(isset($c_form['id']) ? (' id="'.$c_form['id'].'"') : '').
            (@$c_form['collapse'] ? ' style="display:none;"' : '').'>');

There are two scenarios heppening :

1. sometimes the server populates the ID field in the above line with for eg: 'c178' , 'c323' etc..In these cases the toggle appears to be working fine ; where the javascript shows and hides the comment form accordingly.

2. sometimes the server populated the ID field with eg: 'c0' ,'c1' etc... In these cases the toggle isnt working as it is looking for div with same id like c178, c323 etc.. and unable to find, it appears to be hiding all the comment buttons on the assumption that the comment form is shown. In reality all everything goes hidden leaving with no comment buttons, comment form or anything.

any quick fixes you guys can think of ?

Does anyone know in where exactly in php is this line of code generated other than above. and in which cases will it generate 'c0' 'c1' instead of the correct ids like 'c178' 'c179' etc..
Q2A version: 1.7.4 - Snowflat theme

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