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I have been using Q2A for a very little time but i feel it is a powerful yet very simple to understand script. There are many in market written on different platforms from Python to RoR etc. But having Q2A on PHP and mySQL makes it reach much larger given that these 2 technologies are still de-facto when it comes to finding the host. However, there are few things which I believe we can do better.

1. Faster development

2. Modern Look and feel

3. Mention against each plug-in theme the version of Q2A it supports

Not that I am criticizing, but I am looking for an opportunity to make it much more better.

Comments please.
Q2A version: 1.7.1

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Hi, current lead developer of Q2A here. To answer your points:

1. This has been discussed in many threads. Unfortunately there are not many contributors to Q2A right now. I do as much as I can in my spare time but I need to earn money too.

2. Q2A 1.7 comes with the new SnowFlat theme which is a modern design. Feel free to make some suggestions if you don't like it :)

3. I assume you're talking about the plugins page on this site? Plugins can specify a minimum Q2A version in their options so yes we could add that.