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Is it possible to show "hot questions / with most votes / with most views, etc" but only for a specific Tag or Category ?

For example, currently if we click for on "most views", it sorts all the existing questions according to the number of views; but we cannot see most viewed questions for a specific Tag or category.

StackOverflow and most other Q&A sites allows this feature. It would be very much appreciated if we can have it on Q2A.

Q2A version: 1.7
I think that this is an extremely important issue and that it should be part of the Q2A Core. Is it possible add a pull request for this ? Or anyone has an idea on how to fix this by myself ?

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I suppose this can be done via a core hack - I have done it, but very specific to my need. It would be great to see this in core. I suppose the only thing needed is to add an extra filter condition to database query corresponding to each filter - can be tag, category or even name. But what is a filter might be specific to each site.

some possible filters:

"where tag like '%abc%'

"where category like 'xyz'
Hi arjunsuresh. Can you do a plugin? I'm looking for a developer to make this kind of thing for me. Contact me!