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The home page be filled with the same question because the user click many times on the add question button

Is there any method to make the visitor wait for many seconds or minute to add another question ?

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That shouldn't happen, there is a protection for that in Q2A. If you try to submit the same thing multiple times it comes up with "your submission appears to be a duplicate".

But if they are different questions, there are also options in the admin panel for number of questions per user per hour, you could try reducing that to 2 or 3.
I just tried it with that answer and the duplicate message comes up as expected. Were they submitting the exact same content? Or is it different?
To resolve this issue I made the options in the admin panel for number of questions per user per hour to 1
How I can change the hour to an other time like 3 minute or seconds ?
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What can do when someone answer your question and say the problem does not exist and that should not happen

While you suffer from it every day ,

More than 10,000 question is duplicate in my website because this and because who say that should not happen

will this resolve in the next version or we have to leave q2a to wordpress