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Hello and thanks for reading,

I'm trying to install Q2A alongside Wordpress, I've followed instructions.
I've put the right path on file: qa-config.php in: define('QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH', 
and of course removed the comment on it.

Then I'm trying to start installation, and go to the path where Q2A is located but I get: "This webpage is not available" error message - Seems like it can't get the right page or the page doesn't have the right command or something.

Someone can help?


Q2A version: 1.7.1
Can someone Answer this please?
Need exact directory info where Q2A and WordPress installed from your server public_html. Also put your effort to provide exact error message. So that will help us to help you to solve your issue. :)

1) I've put my right directory it's:
define('QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH', '/var/www/clients/client9/web14/web/');

It's seems okay, I even checked it using the command to show the path.

2) Even so the path is okay, and I've put it in qa-config.php. As I go to http://mysite.com/qa
it looks like there is no page at all, the error message (as I've mantioned before) is: "The webpage is not available")

Any ideas?

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What I meant is need detailed info about your server public root, WordPress root and Q2A root.


your server root path is

Public Root:

WordPress is on Public root

Q2A in sub-directory on WP

So as above you can see WordPress lies on the server root (public) and Q2A lies under WordPress root.

If your WP and Q2A setup is in that way than there is a possible issue with WordPress or Q2A .htaccess issue. In fact it seems like rewrite mod issue.

Please post your WordPress and Q2A both .htaccess code here also update your exact path for wp-loader.php and qa-config.php

Or just try adding below in WP .htaccess file. Somewhere after RewriteBase /

RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]


I just noticed, you have set absolute WordPress path in QA config. Try adding relative first and if it doesn't work than try to add rewrite rule mentioned in above line.

Yeah thanks JATIN! SOLVED!

I've changed the path to relative path and that did the trick (I don't understand why absolute path won't work...)

This worked:

Thank you!
Great... it solved.. don't forget to select the answer so other can consider for the same.