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In the questions / Answers list, Im seeing the string,

"asked 5 days ago in PHP by anonymous"

I need it to be,

"asked 5 days ago in PHP Questions by anonymous"

How can i acheive this without changing the category name  for all categories.

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I guess you could work with an advanced theme (see http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme-advanced) and override function post_meta_where($post, $class) to do what you whant.
If translation matters to you, also look at the language customization. You could add an entry to the proper language array so your suffix isn't hardcoded in English.
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Finally its done...

Modified qa-app-format.php in qa-include directory.

Sincere thanks Melanie for your kind help.

You can see it here, http://www.urappointed.com

Q2A is so wonderfull, Even a novice can customise it.

Thanks to gidgreen for bringing up.

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