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I'm using @q2apro plugin OnSiteNotifications. I wonder if it would be possible to have custom notifications. I'd like to extend it to:

1) Use it to broadcast events on my site (Such as "hey users, version 1.2 is out now". I find this less intrusive than sending an email. (also, some of us, can't actually send emails to the user unless they opted-in for it)
2) Notify users of events not coming from Q2A. Such as "User A, there is progress in topic X" (user would have sign elsewhere (yet still using his/her q2a credentials) to be informed of that)

I'm thinking being able to "insert" somewhere something like
"userid" : 54,
"event": "custom",
"message": "Hey $handle, there is ....",

I'm trying to look a the plugin code, but I'm a bit lost by the moment and i was wondered if someone has already done something like this.

Q2A version: 1.7

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