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I want to change ONLY Ask a Question button style on the nav . help me pls

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Replace the appropriate two functions in qa-theme-base.php with the following:

        function nav_list($navigation, $navtype)
            $this->output('<UL CLASS="qa-nav-'.$navtype.'-list">');

            foreach ($navigation as $key => $navlink)
                $this->nav_item($key, $navlink, $navtype);

        function nav_item($key, $navlink, $navtype)
            $this->output('<LI CLASS="qa-nav-'.$navtype.'-item qa-nav-'.$navtype.'-'.$key.'">');
            $this->nav_link($navlink, $navtype);

This will then give you individual class names on each navigation element that you can target for styling, as well as the general class names. I'll also make this modification part of the main 1.0 release, so you won't have to worry about applying this change again in future.
I cant change :(