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I need to show privileges to users on my website. And what more they can get if they keep on contributing to the community. I thought this plugin can help and it has most of the things which are needed but on Q2A 1.7 it is not showing anything in user profile.

Can someone take sometime to see the issue?
Q2A version: 1.7

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I think you haven't read the feature list:

adds tab to user profile showing privileges gained by percentage of points

If you don't see anything then you don't have any permission set to "X with enough points" in admin/permissions.

After configuring some permissions this way, you might want to add this CSS rule to your theme styles (if you are using SnowFlat):

.qa-part-form-privileges-list {
    float: initial !important;
    clear: initial !important;
    width: initial !important;

Thanks for your answer @pupi1985, I have read the feature list but I think that I missed the points system  there. Now I have set it up and your css code also helped (thanks for that as well). Now I just need to change the colors of those privileges as they are too bright and that is not soothing to eyes... ;)
This issue is surely solved as this was just because of my mistake. But there is one more issue, and that has been raised already on this plugin's github repo.

But NoahY is not going to reply so can you take a look that...
Color issue: Change the "Privilege shading style" setting
Tab issue: Answered in the link you've pasted