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I'm trying to get a splashbox to show ONLY on the home page between the navbar and the sidebar.

Here's a JSFiddle of what I'm trying to do..



As you can see, the splashbox is above the sidebar and content...

Now, here's the problem.

In Q2A, when I try to replicate this, the sidebar is always ABOVE the splashbox.

Here's my current code..

        function main()
            if ($this->request=='') {
            $this->output('<div class="splashbox">');

            } else
        function sidepanel()
            $this->output('<div class="qa-sidepanel">');
            $this->nav('cat', 1);


That way, the splashbox only shows on the home page (as declared by the '')... and that works fine. But it's rendering the sidebar (sidepanel) first. I'm not sure why. I figured putting the sidepanel function below the splashbox function would make it render second but it didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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